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Ben Shapiro tweeted, “This enemy of the people stuff has to stop, but it won’t.” He was referencing a President Trump tweet In which Trump called for accurate reporting of the news and blamed the fake news media for hostility in the country.

Shapiro is flat out wrong. Yeah, I know Shapiro is real smart and all that, and I know that he can talk really fast, but when it comes to his opinions on Trump, he is biased.

It’s no secret that Ben Shapiro doesn’t like President Trump. In fact, his intense opposition for Trump the candidate was a preeminent factor for his departure from Breitbart News. And he has taken every opportunity while a guest on fake news networks to condemn many of Trump’s behaviors and even his intelligence.

Shapiro admits that Trump’s enemy of the people rhetoric probably won’t stop. No, it won’t stop, thankfully. And it shouldn’t, even if the great Ben Shapiro has willed it to come to a halt.

What Shapiro’s fans fail to realize is that Shapiro is another cog in the wheel of the intellectually elite. While Shapiro leans conservative, he also demands traditional decorum, and he isn’t the guy who will get his hands dirty in a political street fight.. In other words, he considers himself above the fray.

But the truth is, that no matter how provocative Trump’s discourse may be, it’s still the truth. And just as the media uses repetitive language and dialogue to indoctrinate its listeners, Trump is countering it with the reminder that the media distorts the news, makes up the news, omits the news, and intentionally lies.

Ben, what do you call media outlets that editorialize the news, confusing the average person who unwittingly perceives the opinion to be truth? What do you call organizations which circulate talking points throughout their entire chain of fake news media outlets to maintain a consistent line of thinking among its audience?

What do you call journalists, who feel so superior to the average person, that they feel justified in the manipulation of their opinions through carefully crafted linguistics?

What do you call the fourth estate which has a significant influence on society and becomes an obstacle in the preservation of freedom? What do you call an industry which uses deception to change the dynamics of elections which change the course of history?

What do you call a media which fails to “accurately” report the invasion of America by illegal immigrants who are “demanding” the right to enter the country and live off the back of We the People? What do you call a media which uses anti-American hyperbole to shame pro-American citizens?

Any activity by any trusted individual or any trusted group of people that is designed to incrementally confuse the people or trick the people into giving up their liberties is a hostile attack upon the people.

And the fake news media has done exactly that. They have dedicated themselves to the persuasion of We the People to act in accordance with an ideology which is not in our national and personal interests.

Anyone who is devoted to an agenda which steals my God-given freedoms, threatens the future of my children, and stomps on the United States Constitution is my enemy.

Plain and simple, the fake news media is the enemy of We the People. Ben Shapiro may prefer to play the gentleman, but I prefer to have my country back and keep my freedoms intact. And whatever Trump needs to say or do to ensure a victory over the Left is fine by me.

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