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In what can only be described as a band of 15,000 entitlement-driven invaders, the caravan of migrants continues it’s unstoppable march towards the United States border. They are so determined to force American authorities to grant them access to a border crossing that a representative few have filed a lawsuit against President Trump demanding their right of entry.

How’s that for a preview of what’s to come if these unlawful illegals are not turned away? Uninvited foreigners try to bully their way into this United States using our own legal system. It takes a special sense of contemptuousness towards Americans to assume yourself worthy of breaking the laws of our country for your own self interest.

These invaders are not hungry, helpless individuals searching for food. They are not malnourished women and children needing a helping hand. To the contrary, the people in this caravan have the energy to make this trek spanning thousands of miles, much of it by foot. And from all available pictures, many are overweight, which defies any claims to starvation.

To be clear and fair, Mexican authorities offered the members of the caravan refuge. They offered them money, food, and housing. But that wasn’t good enough for the so-called desperate people. They want to come to the United States where they are promised free healthcare, a monthly government check, free education, and free housing, thanks to the working men and women of this debt-ridden nation.

Let it be understood that the caravan of migrants have no interest in becoming part of America and the American dream. They fly their own flags and want to take advantage of the American welfare system while self-segregating from the American culture. They want their own communities as they maintain loyalty to their home country.

But the invasion of these migrants, most of whom are able-bodied men, is far more menacing than a confrontation with disrespectful, belligerent intruders. The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that there are individuals in the caravan who are gang members among others with violent criminal histories.

Journalist Sarah Carter noted on Fox News, “Some of the people within the caravan were actually tattooed with MS-13 markings.” A spokesperson for DHS admitted that aside from the criminal element within the caravan, unknown Middle Easterners are among the travelers. One migrant interviewed admitted, “There are criminals everywhere.”

President Trump has reached out to the individuals of the caravan, encouraging them to turn around and apply for legal entrance into the United States. He is trying to avoid bloodshed. But he also knows that our national security and economic stability is at stake.

The migrants are aggressively desecrating our national laws and dishonoring the American citizens as they take a mass offensive to thrust themselves across our borders with defiance. And the lawsuit filed to compel authorities to oblige their wishes is a red flag as to their self righteous hostility.

The migrants are not our friendly southern neighbors asking for a hand up as they knock on our door. They are bullies who are huffing and puffing as they demand entry and benefits thereof to which they have no moral or virtuous claim.

They are almost on our doorstep, and the knocking is about to begin. “Let us in,” they will scream, “Or we will huff and puff and blow your house in.”

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