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A week before the midterm elections of our lifetime, the GOP presidential candidate who handed Barack Obama his 2nd term in the White House, decided to speak out against President Trump, writing in a blog post that Trump’s vilification of the media is unprecedented.

Romney wrote in a blog post that a free press is essential to the cause of freedom. What Romney failed to include in his description of the Fourth Estate is that “a lying press is detrimental to the cause of freedom.” Disgusting, vile, around-the-clock attacks on this President of the United States is unprecedented and intolerable.
Romney writes, “We conservatives have long suffered from the left-leaning attitudes and reporting of the media.” Exactly, Mitt! We have!

And how did republicans like Romney and George W. Bush react when the media made egregious accusations against them? They ignored the attacks, because they didn’t have the stones to stand up to the fraudulent journalists. They let the media lies stand and effectively gave the far-left radicals the political advantage.

Republicans like Romney and Bush had no consideration for their conservative base who were drowning in middle America while socialist policies were being implemented across the land.

Romney and Bush let lies stand as truth. They refused to fight as they considered themselves to be gentlemen above the fray. In truth they were spineless cowards, who were more willing to accept the status quo than to stand up to deceptive press coverage.

Romney’s blog, calling for civility towards the press, was a reaction to the fake bombs that were sent to democrats by a supposed Trump supporter. Mitt is calling for an end to hate speech.

“Hate acts follow hate speech” tweeted the milque-toast republican loser who all but had the 2012 presidential election in the bag if he’d only had the cojones to call Barack Obama out on the Benghazi massacre during their last debate.

Just weeks following the September 11, 2012 coordinated attacks on two American facilities in Benghazi , Mitt Romney debated Obama and DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THE MASSACRE OF FOUR AMERICANS.

Romney had the perfect opportunity to call Obama out for this inexcusable mishandling of a terrorist assault on Americans. He had the timing, the voting audience, and a bruised Obama, but he dropped the ball. Or maybe he just threw the ball down.

Obama’s whereabout during the time of the attack was unknown, and to this day we still don’t know where Obama was while Americans were dying for their country. Ambassador Chris Steven was being slaughtered in the streets of Benghazi while an American rescue team was being ordered to “stand down.”

And yet, yellow-bellied Romney could not even bring himself to bring question to the events during a debate which would have caused irreparable damage to the president who was hell-bent on transforming America.

Considering the tone of Romney’s condemnation of President Trump’s anti-media rhetoric, he is still playing the boy scout who has no problem taking undeserved punches from the media.

Because according to Romney, that’s just what the media does……..they give conservatives bad press. And that’s just a fact of life. Did it not ever occur to Mitt that his constituents wanted at least a pretense of fairness?

Noticeably, Romney made no mention of “truth” in reporting. I can only assume that his reference to a “free press” and the media’s long-standing anti-conservative slant is just something that conservatives need to accept.

Routinely broadcasting politically correct propaganda is just another method of operation for Mitt Romney’s “free press.” And Romney will defend their right to do so.

I’ve searched for Romney’s scathing rebuke of media hate speech, you know the media comparisons of President Trump with Hitler and Stalin. I’ve come up empty-handed.

The media hints at a Trump assassination and Romney remains silent. Why? Because Mitt Romney is an establishment conservative fraud.

Romney will be the new United States Senator from Utah. I would not rule out his intentions for another presidential run. And I wouldn’t rule out a challenge to Trump in 2020, although he would be a fool to make that move.

Then again, Romney could be the replacement of John McCain in the Senate, the guy who hates Trump so much he will sell his country out. Time will tell.

But one thing I know for sure. Almost 8 years after his shameful presidential run, Mitt Romney still can’t find his balls.

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