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This is it! Tonight, or at least by tomorrow morning, we will have the results of the most significant midterm elections of our lifetime. We will know whether the phenomena of Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” crowd is a hiccup in American history or the great awakening of working, law-abiding, righteous Americans.

We will know if the fake news media and ideologically-driven pollsters have used the polls as a psychological propaganda tool, as they did in 2016, to manipulate voter turnout in favor of the democrats. We will know if the majority of Americans have bought into Marxism through a steady diet of political correctness and multiculturalism indoctrination. And we will realize the extent of the damage to the masses by a proselytizing media, entertainment industry, and educational system.

Regardless of the outcomes, We the People will not be defeated. We will push on to restore our Judeo-Christian principles to their rightful place, woven into the fabric of the American culture.

If we were to lose the House or Senate, we will continue with our fight against the tyrannical Democrat Party which continues to unabashedly expose the ugliness of its party’s ungodly and unconstitutional platform. And we will win.

With that said, I foresee republican victories across the land, at least enough to maintain the status quo in both the House and Senate. And my money says that the democrats see it too.

I don’t need a poll for my conjecture, because there is a metaphysical instinct within conservatives that tells us that righteousness will prevail. Evil will be defeated. We know to disregard any information that the fake news media releases.

We have to aggregate the data, assess the source of the information, and make the conclusions ourselves. And any objective person cannot possibly overlook the eminence of the President Trump rallies. The crowds are massive, both inside and outside the stadiums.

They are energized and passionate as they gather around the man who has intervened to save their dying nation. They are thankful, and they are hopeful, because finally a real leader arrived to pull America away from the brink of self-destruction.

Since the great Ronald Reagan defeated the evil empire more than thirty years ago, republicans have not had a true conservative president. And few Congressional republicans have governed conservatively.

Republicans have been starving for a leader to champion their Judeo-Christian values and defend the sovereignty of the republic. But as far as the eye could see, there were only clusters of RINOS who suppressed the genuine conservative Congressmen.

Conservatism was drowning in the Washington D.C. swamp. And then, Donald Trump came to town to begin the purging of the corruption. He became the embodiment of a national catharsis.

Last night President Trump held the mother of all political rallies. Gathering in Girardeau, Missouri, the hometown of Rush Limbaugh, tens of thousands of republicans celebrated. They were joined by Judge Jeanine Pirro, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, David Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the Missouri GOP United States Senate candidate, Josh Hawley.

The electricity in the air was so contagious that even Rush Limbaugh danced to Lee Greenwood’s singing of “God Bless the USA.” Conservative viewers all across the nation were galvanized by the intensity of the vitality in the room.

In the midst of the president’s inspirational speech, a woman collapsed. President Trump stopped the rally and told the responders to take their time as he referred to the woman as one of our people.

Within minutes the crowd began singing “Amazing Grace.” The moment was magnificent. And if those watching didn’t know it before watching the rally, they knew it after experiencing it….our movement is spiritual and it can’t be stopped.

Those are my people. They are fellow patriots. And come what may as the election result roll in, we will continue fighting the good fight, and we will win!


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