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Americans are witnessing the most glaring and conspicuous crisis of voter fraud that has ever beset this nation. The democrats’ attempt to overthrow multiple elections in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and California is unprecedented as these lowlife communists are finding phony boxes of ballots in every nook and cranny of districts in which they lost.

The democrats stealing elections is not a new phenomenon. But what is new is that they are publicly doing so and getting by with it.

In 2008 Al Franken stole Norm Coleman’s Minnesota senate seat. Coleman originally won the election with a seven hundred-something advantage. But Franken challenged the election and kept finding votes for “months,” until he had enough votes to beat Coleman. Franken was sworn in 8 months after the original election.

Of course, it was found that the democrats had used many illegal voters, but Minnesota law does not prosecute these cases unless the illegal voter knows he has voted illegally. Proving that the voter knew he was doing so unlawfully was difficult. So, Minnesota allowed the stolen election to stand.

Even today as we watch the outrageous fight to recount the vote using the additional boxes of unauthorized ballots from illegals, dead people, and make believe fairies, many conservatives are pointing to 2020 and saying, “Well, everyone can see what the democrats are doing, and it will just make it easier for Trump to win reelection in 2020.”

NO, and Hell No, it won’t! What it does mean, though, is that the democrats will be able to steal the 2020 presidential election. Right now, the democrats are experimenting. They are floating democrat voter fraud for all the nation to see, and they are gauging the public reaction and the conservative pushback.

Florida is a trial balloon for 2020. If the democrats can desensitize Americans to the voter fraud by pretending as though boxes of uncounted ballots appearing from nowhere is acceptable and normal, then they will use this method of stealing elections in addition to their other tactics of robbing republicans of their rightful ballot victories.

The Florida democrat voter fraud is about so much more than a governor or senate seat. It is about precedence in allowing voter ballot tampering to win back the presidency. Democrats are assessing the ease as which it might be possible to inject enough illegal ballots to change the 2020 election. Florida is a practice test.

It should be of no surprise to anyone with eyes and ears that the democrats are exhibiting sheer desperation in their attempts to stop the conservatives. The attack on Kavanaugh, Jim Acosta’s insistence to verbally assault President Trump with inappropriate questions, and the media anti-Trump mania are just a few signals to the worrisome nature of the democrats.

When we factor in the hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters who have been showing up at his campaign rallies, the Left sees the big picture. They are losing, and they know that the only way to regain power is to just steal it and hope that conservatives are so dumbfounded by their audacity that they just stare slack-jawed in amazement.

Aside from historical precedent of the president’s opposing party winning seats in the midterms, all indicators of the political movement in the November 6th midterms showed an energized and passionate conservative base who were nail-biting mad. If democrat fraud could be eliminated, I would wager that all republicans would have retained their House seats.

My biggest concern has not been that the republicans would lose. It has been that we can’t control the democrats’ fraudulent voting machine.

The only way democrat fraud can be stopped is with the Voter ID, which to no surprise the democrats vociferously fight. But even with the Voter ID, the Left would manage to gain votes deceptively somehow and somewhere. You see, deception is the calling card of the Democrat Party.

I have hoped that I was wrong, but I have instinctively known that republicans cannot beat the democrats at the ballot box and maintain that status. Every republicans needs to understand that 2016 was a fluke. Yes, Trump won the election, but only because the democrats had dropped the ball. They got cocky, and they did not understand the Trump phenomenon.

Had the democrats been on their game, they would have stolen the election right out from under Trump. Just remember the shock on the faces of the media and entire Democrat base when they realized Hillary Clinton had lost. Trump wasn’t supposed to happen.

Democrats are panicked, because they know that “normal” Americans are onto them. They had hoped to completely seal the deal of the transformation of the republic before Americans realized what had happened. And they have realized that it’s too late.

Donald Trump turned off the heat under the pot of millions of slow-to-boil American frogs who were gradually becoming acclimated to a life of oppression and tyranny seeping from the Washington Swamp. He began reversing policies which Americans thought, erroneously, to be their new destiny. Little by little these sleeping Americans have become alert and are outraged as to what the diabolical Left has done to their country while they weren’t paying attention.

Hundreds of thousands of illegals will be making their way across our borders between now and 2020. Democrat lawyers are fast at work as they manipulate the laws to allow for illegal voting. Considering the significance of the democrat voter fraud, by 2020 We the People may have no legitimate say as to whom our elected leaders will be.

Our elections are swiftly becoming a joke. And if we can’t save our country through the electoral process, we will have to find alternative solutions. As for me, a life controlled by the demented and perverted ungodly Left is not a life worth living.

I think we all know where this is leading.

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