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CNN is reporting that Yale and Harvard scientists are proposing that we tackle climate change by dimming the sun. Gosh, that never really occurred to me. Call me a skeptic, but for a civilization that can’t seem to find the cure for cancer, harnessing the rays of the sun seems to be a little too advanced for even Ivy League scientists.

But if anybody can dim the sun, it would be graduates of the Ivy League academic and social elites. They sure have done a bang up job dimming the minds of the students who have attended these exclusive institutions.

The plan to dim the sun is called “ingenous,” but it is unproven. Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here, but if something is unproven, can we really call it ingenous? Maybe I just pay too much attention to the obvious details of a plan, but I’m a little bit fussy about what I consider to be ingenous. My first priority is for the plan to work. Then maybe I will consider it ingenuous.

However, I confess that I am not a brilliant student or graduate of Harvard or Yale, so I would be out of my life station by questioning the rationale for such a convoluted theory as dimming the sun, especially since it has been designed by world-class academics.

To be fair to these aristocratic research scientists, their hypothesis doesn’t involve a spaceship to the sun. They suggest a technique known as stratospheric aerosol injection and theorize that it can cut global warming in half. Large amounts of sulfate particles are injected into the stratosphere as high as twelve miles above the Earth’s surface. High-altitude aircraft, balloons, and/or large naval-style guns would make the deliveries.

But hold your horses before you become too elated, because we do not have the developed technology for such a mission. Neither do we have the aircraft even suitable for adaptation.

The report acknowledges that stratospheric aerosol injection is purely hypothetical. And there are risks, such as damage to worldwide crops, rising greenhouse emissions, extreme weather, and droughts.

Now wait just a minute. If the risks of stratospheric aerosol injection is global warming, then is the plan to reduce global warming by half using stratospheric aerosol injection an ingenuous plan?

I have been lectured by the Left that my aerosol hairspray is destroying the ozone layer, but the masterminds from Harvard want to put aerosol injections directly into the stratosphere.

The scientists’ report failed to mention what I consider to be a helluva lot more important that rising greenhouse emissions. What happens to the human beings who breathe these sulfate particles penetrating our atmosphere? What are the health risks for those pesky people that the Leftists find to be an annoyance.

After all, the battlecry of the radical goons is, “Save the Planet” and “Reduce the world’s population.”

These Yale and Harvard research geniuses are totally convicted to their theory. Fortunately, other unnamed experts are skeptical of this byzantine science-fiction scheme to stop the Left’s sacred cow of climate change, which is second only to abortion.

It’s rather unnerving that those considered to be the brightest among us have come up with such a wildly incredible proposition as to control the sun. But they really are just that arrogant.

The Left wants to control everything. They believe man can control the weather, the tides, and human nature. Now, they speculate that they can bridle the sun.

In a liberal’s mind, who has need for God since man can assume God’s role. They need to erase our Judeo-Christian principles in order to seize and maintain their own dominance.

If the whiz kids at Harvard and Yale are spending their days romanticizing about smothering the sun, we’ve got issues much greater than we could have ever imagined. The word “unhinged” can’t even begin to describe the craziness stirring around in the finest minds the liberals have to offer.

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