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When 63 million Americans voted for Donald Trump on November 8, 2016, it was well established that Trump was an unconventional candidate with plenty of thistles. After the knock- down GOP primary debates and campaigns, accompanied by the around the clock media coverage of Trump’s callous political strategies in both the general and primary elections, it would be hard put to find any Trump voter who didn’t understand the score.

So, why are so many conservatives suddenly traumatized by this president’s go-for-the-jugular technique of political warfare? By golly, it’s what they voted for, or have they forgotten? Have thousands of conservatives actually tired of the fight?

Millions of republican voters, along with a handful of democrats and independents, shelved their idealism for reality in 2016. They weren’t interested in Donald Trump’s sex life, his infidelity, his boastful comportment, or his lack of social graces and eloquence.

These Trump voters went to the polls and voted on a single issue. And that issue was not immigration, the economy, Obamacare, or any other bureaucratic matter of contention.

Simply put, they voted for the man whom they believed could best fight the devil. And Donald J. Trump was inarguably and unequivocally that man.

We the People voted for Trump because of his fearlessness and ability to “go low” when the occasion would arise. And love him or hate him, anyone who would deny that Trump is fearless is a categorical liar.

When most men cower as the personal attacks begin, Trump stands to catch the arrows bare-handed. And he returns the assault with the entire quiver.

Surely, the Trump voters didn’t believe this billionaire street fighter was going to watch his tongue and twitter fingers after being elected. If they did, they were woefully naive.

But more importantly, any true conservative who believes that this nation can be salvaged through traditional political demagoguery is delusional.

Conservatives need a revolutionary leader who is incendiary. Trump is provocative and his firebrand provocation has compelled the Left to expose their ruthlessness and their sheer hatred for America.

Trump’s ability to stare down the deep state has unnerved the enemy, so much so that they have come completely unhinged. Trump has psychologically outwitted the devil’s minions.

Like it or not, we are fighting a war for this nation that has not yet turned violent, aside from a few skirmishes. But I’m beginning to doubt that a majority of conservatives have the stomach for the fight.

Thankfully, President Trump does have the stomach for the fight. All of the so-called negatives or flaws that nauseate some conservatives are the traits which give him the ability to fight with the tenacity that winners must employ.

Conservatives cringe when Trump calls Rex Tillerson, a man who initiated the verbal fight, pejorative names. What would these same conservatives think of American soldiers who split the skulls of Japanese warriors during the Battle of Midway, or snapped the necks of German soldiers in the German Theater of World War II? Would they accuse our troops of brutality?

War is war. It is ugly. War does not have to be on the battlefield to be brutal. And the preliminaries of war are not for the faint of heart.

Too many conservatives, who have good intentions, are soft. They want their freedom to be preserved without the hostility and militancy of President Trump’s virulent rhetoric and aggression. They are self deceptive.

We cannot hire a man to fight the devil and then scold him for his brutal tactics. Trump’s detractors need to get a grip or stay out of the political kitchen, because things are just heating up.

And this ugly fight is about to become grotesque!

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