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Visiting with American troops stationed in Iraq, President Trump declared that “The United States cannot continue to be the policemen of the world.” Hallelujah!

Could it be any more obvious, that after decades of fighting in the Middle East, our so-called wars to protect the American homeland are nothing more than the wars of greedy politicians and military material-producing enterprise? War upon war and the deaths and mutilations of hundreds of thousands of young American troops have done little more than to make war an industry in itself.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former military man who was named Supreme Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1950 and given operational command of NATO forces in Europe, warned in 1961, “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.”

Eisenhower’s America was fighting communism abroad so as to halt the domino effect of the communist nation-grabbing regimes. And what good did these endless wars and fighting against the spread of communism do for America? For after decades of fighting communism abroad, we are now consumed by the marxist influence within our own culture and government.

We forgot about our own chicken coop while we were out fighting foxes around the world. And while watchmen on the wall like Joseph McCarthy cried out from his congressional belltower that the communists were embedded deep within institutional America, American politicians kept sending good American men and women into third world countries to fight boundless and perpetual battles.

Now that socialism and communism have found their place in Washington D.C, (can you say Eric Swalwell and Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez), not to mention the marxist influence in Small-town USA, where do we fight?

Well, of course, we fight the jihadists in the Middle East. We fight them all across the wretched third world. But despite our extraordinary military and technological superiority, we just tread water.

Why is it we just seem to push the enemy back but not to the point that they fly the white flag? We have the intelligence and the military might to first crush and then vaporize ISIS and every other jihadist menace. But we don’t. Why do we continue to watch American soldiers die unnecessarily?

For God’s sake, are we rationalizing the deaths of our precious military men and women for the sake of patriotism? Is not one American life lost fighting an unmerciful enemy reason enough to apply our full force?

In March of 2003 the American forces displayed their almighty forces when they unleashed a “shock and awe” campaign in Baghdad. It was a grand demonstration of overwhelming power designed as a tactical strategy to instill “shock and awe” within Iraqi leaders.

From the American perspective, it was an amazing theatrical exhibition of fireworks abroad. There was no doubt that it was magnificent and powerful. It sure convinced me.

But then when American politicians took my money to rebuild the infrastructure that they had blown away, the “shock and awe” lost its majestic glory. American taxpayers might have taken a big hit, but not to worry. Nation-building contractors hauled in the big one.

And boy, oh boy, did I begin to understand what President Eisenhower meant when he warned the masses about the military-industrial complex. In simple terms, some Americans die while the others get wealthier. It’s just a tradeoff.

As our political leaders insist that Americans need to be paying for the policing of the world, they conveniently and intentionally leave the American borders open. Suddenly, law enforcement in America is gratuitous.

Our border patrol and ICE are condemned for attempting to secure our borders. They are maligned as racist for interfering with the border crossings of illegal criminals, which include rapists, jihadists, and drug lords.

No need for policing America, but our progressive leaders sure want to police the rest of the world to weed out the dangerous threats within nations that most Americans will never visit. Five billions dollars for a wall is chicken feed compared to trillions of dollars spent on the reconstruction of infrastructure that American taxpayers spent billions tearing down.

But that’s how it works with our lawmakers. Spending money that satisfies the donor class is paramount to their successful political careers. Protecting the hard-earned money of American workers is of no consequence. You see, the American worker is not the voter who keeps them in power.

The non-working, illegal, and Uber-wealthy give the corrupt Swamp rats all the power and money they need to maintain their dominance. They look at the working class through the stagnated eyes of rodents.

We can call these Washington scumbags the Deep State, the Establishment, the Swamp, or any other vile name to describe their contemptible and repugnant existence. But whoever and whatever they are, they have no interest in the policing of America. And we are supposed to believe that they are interested in policing the world. When pigs like Michael Moore fly!

The United States Military is an American treasure. These courageous men and women deserve to use their skills and talents for the right reasons, which is to protect their countrymen, not to justify lucrative schemes to make politicians and their cronies millionaires.

President Trump got it right when he said that the United States of America should not be policing the world. Burdening generations of Americans to provide security to the world while neglecting the security of their own families is quintessentially synonymous with insanity, not to mention the enabling of third world citizens.

The United States has every arrow in its quiver that it needs to destroy foreign enemies. But for political purposes, we pussyfoot around and waste lives and money.

It’s time to kill them and get out, or just “get out.” It’s time to cripple the Military Industrial Complex.

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