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As the Democrat Crazy Train continues to roll across America, the bizarre gets creepier. To say that democrats devalue life is an understatement.

From the inception of Roe V. Wade, wise Americans knew that first term abortion would lead to second term abortion, full term abortion, and eventually infanticide of fully birthed babies.

Wise Americans know that abortion has never been about a woman’s reproductive rights. It was merely the first step in the legalization of a methodical genocide of the most vulnerable and innocent form of human life.

The Left has always perceived human beings as an inconvenient commodity, and their endgame involves the shrinking of the human population by billions, those billions being Conservatives, Christians, Whites, and any resistors and dissidents to the communist global order.

But for the democrats, it’s not enough to destroy the lives of the unborn. Oh no, now the democrats want to tamper with the remains of the dead.

Thinking Americans must always remember that tyrants want to control all aspects of life and our environment. No one is safe. They want the power to dictate who lives, who dies, and what happens to the remains of those who die.

And to prove my point, we don’t have to look any further than the state of Washington. According to NBC, democrat lawmaker and state senator Jamie Pederson is sponsoring a bill which would use the remains of the dead, or human compost, to help fertilize trees.

The process is called “recomposition.” Pederson is reporting that he has interested individuals all across his state who are excited about the possibility about “becoming a tree.” I KID YOU NOT!

Pederson excitedly claims that “recomposition” is a social justice and environmental issue. Saving the environment has taken on a new twist.

For those conservatives who still believe that the climate change issue is about saving the earth for future generations, you need a reality check. The environmentalists want to put the brakes on humanity.

If you are still wondering why humans would want to destroy humanity, you need only ask yourself these questions: why do whites fall for the white privilege scam, why do some American citizens want illegals to take jobs from their children, why would women on the Left take the word of any woman screaming sexual assault over the word of their own sons, and why do some whites say all whites are white supremacists by virtue of being white.

Rule number one and two: Never underestimate the sheer insanity of liberal thought. Never ask the question, “Can it get any crazier.” It can, and it will.

The democrats, although some democrats don’t realize it, have made a suicidal pact with their own constituents. And their constituents are proudly marching towards the figurative gas chambers, trying their darnedest to convince the rest of us that we must join with them.

If you thought Soylent Green was just a movie, you were wrong. The democrats may not be harvesting humans for nutrients. But they are finding that the remains of dead humans will provide rich nutrients for the soil and trees.

For the democrats, human life is depravity in itself.

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